Family Systems patents

Family Systems patents are in four portfolio groupings and three have been sold with license back.
The most recent family is for licensing only and teaches enhanced conferencing; described at 

Family Systems Technology

The patents listed below were sold with a license back in 2017.
Each asset in a portfolio group has the same specification but different claims.

The subheading links below are to documents listing the main independent claims.
Where there are equivalent method and system claims, just the first in the claim set is shown.
(The patent links are to Google renditions which show the claims near the top; 
we can download the USPTO pdfs from these.)
Web Collaboration - claims doc SOLD WITH LICENSE BACK


US7571212, US7904526, US8732251, US8965989 issued

US20150169538 A1 pending

US60/381,060  expired provisional


Synchronised Recording Enhancements - claims doc SOLD WITH LICENSE BACK

US7423214, US8637757, US8633368, US7851689 issued
US20140109750 A1 pending 
US60/412,458  expired provisional
PCT/US03/29722  PCT phase completed in US


We also have the defensive effect of publishing a file sharing application


In addition, Family Systems Ltd and its product users have the benefit of the

Interactive Web Book Patent Portfolio

in the USA and other countries. In 2007 these were sold with a license back (from Assignee).


Family Systems Ltd is an Isle of Man company owned by Brian Reynolds,
with TIN C079606-70 at 8 St George's St, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 1AH, Great Britain.







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Interactive Web Collaboration - independent claims

Interactive Web Collaboration

patents owned by Family Systems Ltd are in this spreadsheet.

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