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Verbol voice is built on open source software by a geographically dispersed team with contributors based at our home locations in Jamaica, USA and Europe. Using verbol voice to host, record and replay conversations in our own development project enables the Family Systems team to work together wherever we are as effectively as if we were all in the same office.

Conference calls benefit from Asterisk enabling both SIP phones and browser based WebRTC connections. Browser connections from Chrome use WebRTC audio via a Phono client modified to connect directly to Asterisk and integrated into our user interface. Participating by browser enables us to textually annotate conversations and provide sharing of files, images, smartboard, screens and webcam and these are shown during playback synced with the Asterisk audio.

Voice recordings of each speaker are made via a unique channel using a modified Asterisk monitoring routine. This works both during MeetMe conferences and AGI driven “voicechat", and uses silence detection to separate the recording into natural utterances. Each speaker’s utterances are recorded, indexed and accessed for playing back, either while connected to an Asterisk AGI or as HTML5 audio. AGI and AMI enable the verbol features which let us continue conversations in intervals between calls in voicechat.

Verbol conversations thereby continue after a conference call so that subject threads can be followed up on until resolved. Anyone missing a call or being interrupted during a call can catch up and join the conversation at a convenient time, and access earlier ideas or code explanations without participants needing to repeat the same things. Verbol search finds matches in utterance annotations such as headings, summaries and tags and returns a playlist so we can hear back the details of how we reached a decision, or how we discussed and implemented a feature.

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