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VerbolAdmin Notes   (access restricted)  

How to create our Vv logo

Verbol System Process doc

Different tracks and their uses :  Track

How to go to previous version of Google Chrome : Chrome 36 to Chrome 35 

How to set up YouTube video in pageview  

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Dev server development group at :

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Business Model :  Verbol voice - Lean Canvas 

Verbol todo list :  Verbol todo list               

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Threads from current sprint :  Scrumwise                  

Verbol YouTube player :  Agenda for Friday's call         

Default colour list Roster                                                  

Think tank :  Verbol chat                                                     

Audio Vocab Library                                                 

Internet Multi Track Recorder Mix                          

Past Conversation Pages                                                         

Different types of Verbol devices                              

Provisional Patent document                                   

Regression Test Checklist Verbol V4.5 ( Draft )         

priorities and decisions to make          


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