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Updated as on 19th of June 2015 :

Tip : Please trash your old versions as they will no longer work properly, and install these new ones. Note that in the case of the Ontop App on the Mac OS, 
        you might also need to remove the old link from your dock, and / or Applications folder.

Updated as on March 2015 :

   Screen sharing :

   on-top app :    (Last updated on 17th March 2015 ) 

   cooperative browsing :   (Last updated on 27th March 2015 ) 


Informartion :

OnTop App and the Coop Browsing Ext is now available to everyone via the Google WebStore. It is not publicly accessible at this time, but is available to us as a closed group of testers.

So all you need to do is

a) Remove your current OnTop App and Coop Browsing Ext via the chrome://extensions URL. Just click on the trash can and confirm that you wish to remove the extension.

b) Make sure that you are logged into Google with the email address. The testers list is currently restricted to the following team members. We can have up to 20 like this, so we could temporarily include guests for demo purposes.

Then visit each of the links below, and click on Add to Chrome.

3) Test that they work with groupchat in staging i.e. just seeing that the Mute feature works is enough to confirm it.