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never have to travel in order to communicate ... ever  

    - Connected to Verbol system via Skype with regular phone

    - Connected to Verbol system via gTalk with regular phone

    - Connected to Verbol system via Bria Softphone

    - Connected to Verbol system via Linphone

never need to be available on a fixed schedule for fear of missing out

    - Add playlinks for - catching up, leaving replies or adding new thoughts.

never suffer from conflicts over who said what when 

    - Catching up with old messages

    - Philly demo: playback speed

New freedoms

freedom to pause a conference to take a break then catch up and not miss anything

  - Brian giving demo to Jeff about conference in pause mode

  - Brian leaving aside here by pausing the conf

freedom to skip what you dont need to hear and repeat what you do

 - This playlink shows some messages are played back, some messages are skipped and a message is repeated

freedom to join a conversation you missed, or to say what you wish you had said

   - Serendipity with reply to James (long playlink)

   - Threaded tab in smartboard

freedom to speak thoughts as they arise without interrupting or being interrupted

  - Autochat demo -  https://dev2.verbol.com/1/?vbext=199-100550&tabletview=on&play=508,509,1115-1121,510&speed=1.15

  - Brian and Chris testing autochat here - trying for colision

freedom to choose when and where to participate and share content  

   - Brian showing here the location of VUC with Verbol Youtube  (added on 15/02/16)

   - Mock up by Chris - for accommodating autochat state and server mute symbol  (added on 15/02/16)

   - Chris explaining collision detection code  (added on 15/02/16)

   - Chris pasted image of the scrumwise backlog item he was working on  

    - Mark walking through Utility code

   -  Chris is using AE to create backlog item in Scrumwise

   - Mark on webcam and Phil talking about headset   

     Brian explaining here - Where the Timeline close(x) should be moved   ( Added on 12th of January 2016 )

     Chris explaining - where the chat box should be moved ( Added on 10th of January 2016 )

     Brian explaining about Hamburger icon and how it has popped down

     Chris explaining querystring parameter code here ( Added on 6th of January 2016 )

    Chris Showing an example with different querystring parameters

    Chris explaining here - how to make background white in Jake's Character

     Brian is explaining to Breckenridge on how to paste screenshot in smartboard here (Added on 11th of December 2015 )

    Squiggle playing ( Brian and Patent attorney)

    Threaded tab in smartboard



Playlinks of autochat code walkthrough : (Added on 8th of March 2016 )










Discussion about Brian's algorithm for autochat  : https://dev2.verbol.com/1/?vbext=199-100544&tabletview=on&play=909-1210&speed=1.15

Mock up for autochat events by Chris - https://dev2.verbol.com/1/?vbext=199-100544&tabletview=on&play=1211-1249&speed=1.15


Mock up for autochat by Brian : https://dev2.verbol.com/1/?vbext=199-100544&tabletview=on&play=1340-1400&speed=1.15





Examples on Reply and Continue (To be played in 'Threaded' and 'Playlist' tabs) :

Conversation Messages sequence Playlist link Explaination
199-100508 418-432 link Conversation between Brian and Kalpana, autochat replies
199-100508 238-239 link 2 Ghosts and original, displayed in sync
127-100042 1-74 link Conversation between Brian and James from James's identity - conversation experience is best at gap=2.62


Here are example links to excerpts from our verbol project calls in which Mark Stubbs points into his code and:  

explains contributor objects
shows how the play parameter works(ie play parameter in the query string of a link such as to this excerpt itself
(To read the tiny shared code easily we zoom in:) 

Verbol tutorials on coopy.verbol.com server 

Excerpts from 1st visual demo to Philip Penny

Philly demo: annotations  [link]

Philly demo: playback speed  [link]

Philly demo: difference between roster and smartboard  [link]

Philly demo: messages window (looking in wrong spot)  [link]

Philly demo: quality indicator  [link]

Philly demo: mute buttons  [link]

James and Brian Play:  


Drawing Games 1 guess the captions / smartboard fun (has playback parameters and selected messages are annotated)

James and Brian Work:

Verbol pitch practice interview

Marketing discussion



James exercise animation

Very first animation ever, extended with play parameter


Image sharing:

1) Chris pasted image of the scrumwise backlog item he was working on - https://dev2.verbol.com/1/?vbext=199-100413&play=688 ( Message number 688 )


Smartboard drawing : 

1) Data from August 2015 - Team talking about Navigator (conversation timeline) and what features can be added in there - https://dev2.verbol.com/1/index.htm?vbext=199-100412&play=340-381

(Good example of Image sharing and drawing on top of that.)

2) Brian explaining relationship between identities and topic rooms : https://dev2.verbol.com/1/?vbext=199-100417&play=442-490 ( From message 442 - 490)

3) Brian and James playing squiggling game : https://dev2.verbol.com/1/?vbext=199-100405 ( start to end )

Screen sharing : (Note - remember to switch off smartboard layer in case it has an image)

Data from June, 2015 - Phil talking about icon for Webcam and sharing his camera - https://dev2.verbol.com/1/index.htm?vbext=199-100456&play=359-382

Data from December 2014 - Chris is walking through code for silence-noise testing(dsp.c) : https://dev2.verbol.com/1/index.htm?vbext=199-100325&vview=GC (Msg 298)

Data from May 2015 - Mark walking through Utility code - https://dev2.verbol.com/1/index.htm?vbext=199-100424&play=400-412 (Msg 400 - 412)

Data from July 2015 :

Regression test link for first marketing discussion  -  https://dev2.verbol.com/brianreynolds/working-notes/marketing-discussion-3/index.htm?play=6-20 (msg 6-20)

Regression test link for first marketing discussion - https://dev2.verbol.com/brianreynolds/working-notes/marketing-discussion-3/index.htm (msg start to end)

Mark video call 2 (msg 275 - 300) https://dev2.verbol.com/1/?vbext=199-100479

Mark video call (msg 100 - 120) https://dev2.verbol.com/1/?vbext=199-100478

Chris sharing developer tool: https://dev3.verbol.com:8080/markstubbs/debug-page-4/index_gc.htm?vbext=199-100477&play=164-629 (msg 164 - 629) 

Mark introducing the new VerbolPlaylist object

Simple excercise animation screencast   

Chris is using AE to create backlog item in Scrumwise:  https://dev2.verbol.com/1/index.htm?vbext=199-100468&vvview=GC&play=293-314 (msg 293 - 314 )


Data from June 2015 :

199-100453 - Screen sharing example of code walkthrough of getAsterriskChannels by Mark - (https://dev2.verbol.com/1/index.htm?vbext=199-100453&vvview=GC&play=19-25) (msg 19-25)

199-100451 ( https://dev2.verbol.com/1/?vbext=199-100451)

    1) Screen sharing of Highlighting of enrollment field validation code by Chris - great example of audio and video matching starting at 800 till 820

    2) Screen sharing of Google hangout Chrome app by Phil - starting at 236 - 255


Data from May 2015 :

1) Utility on video playback : https://dev2.verbol.com/1/?vbext=199-100411&play=294-413 ( From message number 294 - 413 )

2) Creating/adding tags in scrumwise for a backlog item : https://dev2.verbol.com/1/?vbext=199-100411&play=545-557 ( From message number 545 - 557 )

3) Explanation of code and debugging (player.js ) : https://dev2.verbol.com/1/?vbext=199-100414&play=567-600 ( From message number 567 - 600 )

4) Daily report using scrumwise : https://dev2.verbol.com/1/?vbext=199-100414&play=278-295 ( From message 278 - 295 ) 

5) James on Tic-Tac-Toe : https://dev2.verbol.com/1/?vbext=199-100410&play=135-147 ( From message 135 - 147 )

Traversing a thread : Note - To traverse a thread you need to be in Pageview and Playback needs to be set as 'Thread'

1) In Page - #1522 - Screen sharing not working on dev3 : When you play this thread, it plays msg numbers from 51-57 and then jumps to msg number  97-107

2) Across Extenson - #1456 - Autochat performance: investigate conversation state file writing  Playing this thread will take you to across different extensions.

3) Across servers - https://dev2.verbol.com/1/?vbext=199-100455&vvview=PV  - This call first started on sevrer dev2 and then shifted to dev3 on message number 160.

Webcam sharing : 
Chris on webcam - https://dev2.verbol.com/1/index.htm?vbext=199-100435&play=559-585 ( Audio and video dont match at some places otherwise this would have been fantastic one, give it a try )
Chris on webcam again (same previous extn) - https://dev2.verbol.com/1/index.htm?vbext=199-100435&play=594-623
Brian on webcam : https://dev2.verbol.com/1/index.htm?vbext=199-100457&play=682-688


Phil sharing his digital analog clock (screen sharing )https://dev2.verbol.com/1/index.htm?vbext=199-100407&play=190-200

Shorter Demos :

Mark trying out Verbol webcam Chrome extension  play=290-296

Mark on webcam and Phil talking about headset  play=121-124