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---------------------------------------------------------(Added on 15th of February 2016)------------------------------------------------

jmonitor to restart automatically  ( jmonitor had to restart when null-null id was sent to it )

Agenda for meeting with Mark on Monday 11th January 2016 :

1. Smartboard related items -

   a) ability to modify textual item  

   b) if you could load images or screenshots in smartboard and then drags and place wherever you like

   c)  Put a box around drawing area and move

   d) Save an image

   e) Help info using hovering over '?' in smartboard - One time you had to click on '?'  to go away the help info 

       858 T1   Guest   To make hep info (?) from smartboard as toggle 


---------------------------------------------------------(Added on 28th of December 2015)------------------------------------------------

192 T1   Guest   To make play/pause and mute button more obvious     REMINDER

---------------------------------------------------------(Added on 21st of December 2015)------------------------------------------------

275   james  we are not in same mode, this is been happening a lot recently, you are on T3 and I am in conf

Chris's email  - To copy messages from one extension to another

503   br  New verbol capability of freedom that we havent even thought of - when we have new thought it updates an old - we link them somehow.

514   br   Revision page has strange heading

 23   br   I dont think change in speed is persistence across loads. Another item - Speed Setting to be persistent.

470   james   Existing tutorials from my identity not working for me

501 T3   br   Tell Tell for recording in browser tab - My recollection - only showed red dot after you joined in - but it's there all the time

665 T1   br   Getting into all unlocked state - some scenarios to take care off which put you from locked conf state to unlokced conf state

-------------------------------------------------(Added on 10th of December 2015)------------------------------------

Conversation :199-100520

261   brian   where to put browser mute for Phono connection? Under hamburger button?     Feedback expected

Conversation :199-100519

187   br   drag and drop into url line or possibly into whole viewing area - drop an image or url     WISH

242 T3   br   May be we can consider Talk bench view - tablet view + smartboard view + navigation  Feedback expected

254 T2   br   Every time when it's unmuted, system should ask 'do you want to connect?'     

266 T3   br   Ability to fade up an down  - Timeline and heading area    WISH

Conversation :199-100518

652 T2   br   Pop out button is still there in the Roster tab - want popout button of right size for this view - easy way to get this view - window is optimized for

Conversation :199-100517

15 T3   br   Verbol YouTube video - We havent got it as an embedded video, it's just a link

Conversation :199-100516

899   br   Why dont we put Playlist tab next to threaded tab? Those are the 2 that wont show the navigation bar initially?

917 T1   br   you see diff images pop up - so you can navigate by image     WISH

Conversation :199-100513

813 T3   br   Need to practice doing a demo for people who are dialing in     WISH

715   cb   clicking back button also has to be tested     TODO

818 T2   br Issue with sequence starting at message 333

919   br   repeat problem - now our critical path item - show stopper

975   br   bringing in threaded - dont like scrolling, scrolling propagates to outer page

1078   br   Need Tutorial using that - How to use clear functionality in whiteboard

-------------------------------------------------(Added on 25th of November 2015)------------------------------------
986   br   2 BI - AE and search results tab    WISH
88   br   Observation - Top left corner - extn number is link - opens up page for that extn in new tab. Now that we have Page tab to do that - we can have this 199 to be a pull down - selection of topics     WISH
639   brian   Thought - Could we have an option on screen sharing so that we streamed recordings by server    Question for Chris
 highlighting in interleaved mode
 528 T1   br   Need an indicator for 'Play own'     WISH
 When in autochat if you press locked chat mode, your messages are recorded on T1 while if you clicked locked chat mode in Green conf then messages get recorded on T3
 343   br   To set up free image no support - if you pay extra then we can give some level of support for our Verbol system
 Automate the process for adding profile picture
  Cursor keeps flashing in overlap box
 1720, Take out the 'Do you really want to hangup?'  message when Hang up button is clicked.
 connected by phone -Roster entry works fully, see what's happening on your computer when you are speaking on phone
 Podcast player UI
 Video interface to enhance reality
 Need play parameter - for speed as well as toggle for diff play modes
 Being able to unmute and mute while not joined in.
 Navigate by talking
 Presentation just shows smartboard
 Once we pause in chat, you dont go back to T3. We need to fix that.
 When we navigate on pause, we just get there,  say what the  message is online
 Could we take Java code and convert it to Javascript?
 Pageview and the annotation editor have a box, we can enter a specific message