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Welcome to verbol voice project on

Home of verbol voice studio 4.7 pre-production developer release.

Please go to to experience examples of verbol voice in our case studies;
Chrome is needed for full operation with webrtc and Safari suffices for playback or joining by phone. 

We integrate the web with telephony and chat and provide shared memory for conversations.
You and those you share a verbol conversation with are able to join in or listen when convenient
and share what we talk about so that voice communication can become as ubiquitous as text.  

Family Systems is geographically diverse with everyone working from our home offices 
so our verbol project is also a case study in which we use a verbol system at
for our daily project communication and all our thinking is recorded and accessible 
by calendar in the voice menu item and search in the page menu item. 

Both browser and phone connections feed playlists accessible in web pages and gadgets or by phone and
shared with others by sending links in emails or instant messages. To achieve this we have integrated
Internet, chat and telephone networks with on-line memory based on open source web, chat and voice servers.

This is Brian Reynolds of Family Systems welcoming you to our Verbol voice development project case study here on

If you are interested in contributing or to run your own Verbol system, please get in touch
by emailing 

If you are ready to work with us now please Enroll in this site.
Please remember all our Verbol demonstrations are at open alpha test status and
everything we say is recorded on an unsecured server.   

We look forward to hearing from you, Brian.


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Acknowledgement: I understand this verbol voice website enables me to play and join in recorded conversations in which I can speak and share visual and textual content. By viewing, playing or contributing such content, I agree to uphold the verbol site rules and I grant the following licences to my contributions including my recorded voice (click for details): 

         for media,
         for text.

Let's get started: use the buttons depicted below when viewing a verbol conversation.

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